Grandparents play a special role at our Montessori school


Our grandparents are so special to our Frederick Country Day family.

Each year, we celebrate the mutually beneficial relationship of child to grandparent in our bi-annual Grandparent visitation days.  For two days each fall and spring, our Montessori school opens their doors to our children’s grand-parents and grand-friends. 

The children share their Montessori work time and even outdoor time with their families, sometimes even giving them lessons or working on art projects together.

While reading the article below, we couldn’t help to think of our families and echo the two benefits that jumped out to us as we read the article:

“Having an intergenerational identity increases kids’ resilience”

“Other research suggests that having an intergenerational identity, or an understanding of one’s family history and where they fit within it, can make kids more resilient and help them feel more in control of their lives, even when the world outside their family seems out of control.

Knowing how their grandmother came to America, or what store their papa bagged groceries in as a teenager can help a child understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Knowing that and knowing that previous generations survived their own hard times, helps kids learn to cope and bounce back from their own adversity.

 “Kids help grandparents live longer”

“The science is pretty clear that staying close to your child’s grandparents (even if you can’t live right down the street) is good for everyone. The kids become more resilient, and grandparents become healthier: Research suggests grandparents who watch their grandchildren add an average of five years to their lives. An intergenerational connection really is a win-win.”

“We love sharing our school with our families!  Our visitation days happen frequently throughout the year, check out our events here.


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