The First Steps In An Enriching Learning Journey

Navigating New Experiences, Essential Social Skills, And Academic Basics

The First Steps In An Enriching Learning Journey

Navigating New Experiences, Essential Social Skills, And Academic Basics

Toddlers | 18 months to 3 years | Serving Frederick, MD

A Specialized Art Program Inspires And Promotes Creativity

Art helps your child gain a sense of self through the expression of ideas. It also helps grow their confidence and exercise their fine motor skills. Children learn about great artists and their contributions to the world while Montessori teachers guide them.

The Montessori Classroom Stimulates Cognitive Development

Montessori learning spaces are neat, orderly, and meticulously prepared to further your toddler’s cognitive development. The classroom acts as your child’s teacher, and the core principles of the method include:

Montessori-Trained Teachers
Make A World Of Difference

Teachers Make A
World Of Difference

Accept no imitations. Your child’s teachers are Montessori-trained, illustrating their commitment to delivering the method that leads a global early learning movement. They are not only knowledgeable and caring, they ensure your child’s natural passion stays alive.

Mixed Age Groups Helps
Children Learn From Each Other

Children build a community by being in a mixed-age environment where they learn from each other. They build each other’s confidence and self-esteem and focus on a holistic curriculum that consists of language, math, science, and art.

Practical Life Skills
Foster Independence

The Montessori approach gives your child practical life skills that prepare them for independence. Practical life materials in the classroom allow them to learn simple things such as spooning, pouring, dressing, or caring for themselves and the environment, refining their gross motor skills.

Enrichments Such As Yoga,
Baby Signing, And Spanish

Enrichments Such As
Yoga And Spanish

Yoga is beneficial for the body and soul and introduces your child to movement and mindfulness. Spanish lessons expose children to expanded vocabulary while sharpening communication skills. Enrichments add value and excitement to your child’s day.

The PEACE Curriculum Helps Navigate Emotions

The PEACE Curriculum is an important component in the Montessori classroom. The curriculum teaches children to resolve conflicts peacefully. Each classroom has a Peace Corner with a rose in a vase that the children use to symbolize a medium for resolving conflict.

Tending A Garden
Is Good For The Soul

When children help maintain a garden, it gives them a sense of accountability and stewardship. Being outdoors is the ideal way to learn about plants’ life cycles and sometimes little creatures they see outside while invigorating and regulating their mood.

Your Child Stays Healthy And Safe In Our Care

Staff keeps your child’s toys, tools, play, and learning spaces pristine and free of germs. Security cameras, fenced-in yards, and attentive and nurturing teachers keep your child safe at all times, giving you peace of mind.

Get A Daily Take On Your
Child's Day With Your App

Get A Daily Take
On Your Child's Day
With Your App

See all the things your child accomplished right from the convenience of your smartphone. You’ll receive pictures, videos, and reports about your child’s day, so you can stay in the know and help build upon classroom learning at home.

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A Fine Arts Program, STEAM, And Montessori Expertise Bring Out The Brilliance In Your Child.