The Start To A Lifelong
Love Of Learning

Your Child's First Year Of Formal
Schooling Is Full Of Fun,
Great Teachers, And Friendship

The Start To A Lifelong Love Of Learning

Your Child's First Year Of Formal Schooling Is
Full Of Fun, Great Teachers, And Friendship

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The Montessori Classroom
As A Main Learning Tool

Your child learns best in the Montessori classroom that is meticulously prepared and organized. Essential elements include self-directed play, open-ended educational materials, and mixed-age groups so students can absorb knowledge from each other.

Enriching Studies Of
Celebrated Works Of Art

Both music and art exercise the fine motor skills your child uses as they learn to improve their handwriting this year. Studying great artists open your child’s eyes to a world of beauty, diversity, and culture.

STEAM And Language Studies
Set Up Your Child For Success

Project-based learning with hands-on exercises showcases science concepts to build logic and reasoning. Your little one learns to read in short sentences and perfects their writing skills, developing abilities they’ll use later on in the classroom.

How Expert Montessori
Teachers Impact Learning

Your child thrives among Montessori-certified teachers with globally sought-after expertise. They understand and work with your child’s learning abilities and rhythms while inviting them to pursue their interests. Children gain confidence and skills applicable to the real world.

Practical Self-Help Skills
Develop Independence

Your child becomes focused and self-sufficient enough to wash their hands, use the bathroom, dress, undress, and tidy up after themselves, giving them the social know-how to succeed in any situation.

Cooking And Sewing As
Fun Ways To Learn Focus

Measuring ingredients and following a recipe teaches linear thought and math; sewing a button demands focus and concentration. Both activities are great fun and exercise the fine motor skills your child will need as they grow.

Enrichment Activities Boost
Cognitive Development Now

Programs such as yoga and dance calm minds and relax bodies while teaching coordination and focus. Learning a second language, such as Spanish, brings your child many benefits by broadening their vocabulary and opening their mind to new avenues of communication.

The Socio-Emotional PEACE
Curriculum Instills Empathy

We keep a rose in our classroom that symbolizes feelings and self-expression. When your child holds the rose, it’s their turn to talk through their emotions, make amends with friends, or apologize for their actions, teaching them the socio-emotional skills at the base of healthy relationships.

Gardening Teaches Science
And A Connection To Nature

Your student learns what it takes to nurture a garden, fostering responsibility in them, and a sense of pride. They become familiar with life cycles, nature’s order, and enjoy the feeling of soil between their fingers and the sun on their skin.

Health And Safety Come First

A dedicated on-site cleaning staff stays busy keeping classrooms sanitized and clean, preventing flu and cold-causing germs. Meanwhile, fenced-in yards and trusty security cameras ensure that safety is of no concern.

Our Parent Communication
App Keeps You Connected

Stay on top of what your child is learning. You can build upon that at home, thanks to reports, pictures, and messages sent right to your smartphone. Feel the security of knowing they are safe and among friends when you see them having fun first hand.

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