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We welcome you to a day at Frederick Montessori and Arts School! No registration needed. Bring yourself or the whole family!

Our Open House is a special day for you and your family to come in and visit our school, become familiar with our program and curriculum, and learn the benefits of our nurturing environment!

Frederick Montessori Open House Saturday, November 15,
10:00 am -12:00 pm

Meet Our Teachers!
Our teachers are a combination of Montessori-degree teachers, certified lead teachers and assistants, recreational instructors (art, music, dance), and professional administrative leaders.

During our open house, you will have a chance to learn about our teaching styles, our Montessori School theory and curriculum, and ask any questions you may have!


What Makes Us Unique?
At our open house you will learn about our rich international environment! Our students are from all different international background and cultures and bring a vast variety of benefits to our school’s atmosphere.

We offer a number of different cultural emersion experiences- such as International Harvest Day and introduction classes to Mandarin and Hindu language speaking.

We are also known for our green-friendly environment which encompasses not only the healthy nutritional snack menu, but also our beautiful garden that the children are at liberty to play in, grow fruits and vegetables, and take care of daily!

At FCD we are also very committed to keeping you updated about your child’s day- so we offer you an up-to-date electronic program that will send you updates about your children’s experience during the day.

We will send you pictures of them in their learning environment, their meals/feeding schedules, and notes regarding their day!

Contact Us to schedule a tour or to ask any questions you may have!

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